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The Democratic Party of Sacramento County (DPSC) is one of the most dynamic and active county Democratic Party Central Committees in the state of California. We stand at the forefront when it comes to Democratic campaign, election, and voter registration activities in the Capitol Region. Our effectiveness comes directly from the involvement and support of members just like you.

Proponents of ‘Strong Mayor’ Initiative Didn’t Accurately Portray Shortcomings of Measure at Town Hall Wednesday, Charges Chair of Democratic Party of Sacramento County

Thursday, March 27,  2013
Contact: Kerri Asbury, DPSC Chair, 916-607-8241

Sacramento, Calif. –The chair of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County (DPSC) charged Thursday that proponents of the “Strong Mayor Initiative” – including Mayor Kevin Johnson, a Democrat – are not “accurately” portraying the truth about the measure, which is scheduled for a public vote in November.

The comments following a “Strong Mayor Initiative” Town Hall Wednesday night before a standing room only crowd at the SEIU 1000 union hall. Speakers included proponents Mayor Kevin Johnson and Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, and opponent Heather Fargo, flanked by community activists.

“I was pleased to see the enthusiastic participation of the public and SEIU members, but I was disheartened that the information presented by proponents was not accurately given,” said DPSC chair Kerri Asbury.

Specifically, Ms. Asbury suggested that claims by Mayor Johnson that an “ethics commission” would protect citizens under the “strong mayor” system were patently false and misleading.

“The ethics committee is virtually powerless. It has no authority, and no ability to subpoena. It’s very existence can be ended by the ‘strong mayor,’ who would have the authority to veto the ordinance that created the committee,” added Ms. Asbury.

“With misleading statements and untruths like this, it is essential voters, community activists and neighborhood associations carefully review the proposal for ‘strong mayor.’ It is devilish written, and the devil is in the details,” she added.

“There appears to be a growing level of corruption in our government where big donors cause big campaigns to be more costly and more ethically challenged. Sacramento should have real checks and balances to our governing system, free from external influence and protected by empowered watchdogs for the workers, residents and community groups,” Mr. Asbury explained.

The DPSC late last year voted to oppose the “strong mayor” measure, noting that the council-manager form of government has been working for Sacramento and that the city charter is not what needs to be changed, but rather the transparency and ethics of the mayor and council.

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Democratic Party of Sacramento County Calls For and Accepts Resignation of Communications Chair

The Democratic Party of Sacramento County (DPSC) Friday called for and accepted the resignation of its volunteer communications chair following of series of personal twitter comments directed at GOP staff after Republicans voted to defund President Obama’s health care law.

DPSC chair Kerri Asbury said the personal twitter comments made by Communications Committee chair Allan Brauer were “appalling and inexcusable.” She accepted his resignation Friday, and issued the following statement:

“The comments by our volunteer communications chair are appalling and inexcusable. No matter what our political disagreements may be, wishing harm is never an acceptable response during heated public debate or any other time. Mr. Brauer has apologized for his comments and expressed his remorse.”

View the press release here.

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DPSC Opposes Efforts to Repeal Sacramento’s “Big Box” Ordinance

Sacramento City Council Votes August 20th

Take Action Today!

In 2006, the Sacramento City Council passed an ordinance that requires economic impact studies and wage analyses for proposed superstores larger than 90,000 square feet with more than 10 percent of space dedicated to groceries. This reasonable ordinance has been a sore point with giant retail chains and the politicians they support since it passed. Now in 2013, a proposal to repeal the ordinance has been voted out of the Law and Legislation Committee and referred to the full City Council for consideration. Latest update: the ordinance will be put to a vote at the August 20th City Council meeting.

At our May, 2013 Central Committee meeting, the DPSC voted to oppose the repeal of the “big-box” ordinance. We oppose the repeal because (1) the California State Legislature is considering statewide legislation that would potentially supercede Sacramento’s ordinance; (2) such superstores can prove injurious to existing employers currently doing business within Sacramento, who are paying living wages to their workers and working as community partners to make Sacramento a better place to live; (3) superstores are a net drain on the community due to the low wages and inadequate benefits they provide their employees; and (4) giant retailers such as Wal-Mart already exert undue influence on local elected officials through campaign donations and grants to organizations controlled by elected officials and/or their family members.

In advance of the City Council taking up the proposed repeal, the DPSC urges concerned citizens to contact their city council members and the mayor’s office to express your opinions on this matter. Citizens are also encouraged to attend the August 20th City Council meeting. You can find a flyer to download and share at this link.

We’ve set up some tools to make it simple for everyone to get involved.

We have shared three letters that you can download, personalize and send to your representative via email. The first is a letter on DPSC letterhead suitable for DPSC members’ use. The second is a personal letter from a concerned citizen’s point of view. The third is a letter from a local business owner’s point of view. Feel free to use our letters as-is, or use any part of it in a letter you write yourself. You’ll find a list of council members and their contact information at this link.


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DPSC Hosts Art Exhibit for Second Saturday

View Works by Suzanne Haydu May 11 at DPSC Office

Reawaken by Suzanne Haydu

The Democratic Party of Sacramento County is pleased to announce that we will host an exhibition by artist Suzanne Haydu as part of May’s Second Saturday Art Walk. Join us Saturday, May 11 between 6-8 pm at the DPSC office, 1033 S Street. Refreshments will be served. The artist has graciously agreed to donate a portion of proceeds from her sales to the DPSC, so bring your checkbook!

Suzanne Haydu received her Bachelors in Art (emphasis in Photography) from Humboldt State University in 1977. After working in photography and other media, in the mid 1990′s Suzanne was mentored by Mitsuyo St. Klair, a local abstract artist who had been living in Placerville, California.

Suzanne’s paintings are bold and organic. She frequently includes some texture under-painting, such as a course grain, polymer varnish, rice paper, or poured gold ink. She prefers to paint with three watercolor or gouache colors and may add metallic acrylic paint or watercolor pencil. She specializes in paintings on full and over-sized sheets of 300+ pound watercolor paper. She often comes back and wets the print before adding other layers and additional highlight colors. Later in the process, she may add metallic powder or splatters. You can learn more about Suzanne and view more of her evocative work by visiting her website.

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Tower Bridge Awards Coming June 12

Save the Date! Wednesday, June 12 at 6 pm

Tower Bridge AwardsJoin us at the Firehouse Restaurant, Wednesday, June 12 for the Tower Bridge Awards of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County!

The Tower Bridge Awards is the DPSC’s premier fundraising event of the year. Each year we honor a deserving individual and a grassroots organization for their accomplishments with an award dinner.

This annual event is sure to sell out, so click here to RSVP and purchase your tickets today!

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DPSC Makes Additional Endorsements at April Meeting

At our April 11 meeting, the Democratic Party of Sacramento County voted to endorse two additional candidates for CA Democratic Party caucus leadership positions. The DPSC endorsed Carlos Alcala for Chair, Chicano Latino Caucus, and Basim Elkarra for Vice Chair, Arab American Caucus.

These candidates join the slate of endorsed candidates already announced by the DPSC in March.

You can also find a list of endorsed resolutions on our website.

To stay connected with the DPSC via text message during the convention, enroll your mobile number at this link.

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DPSC Connects You to Convention via Text, Facebook and Twitter

Sign Up for Text Alerts to Your Mobile Phone

It’s your convention, Democrats! And the DPSC will be using technology and online social media tools to connect delegates and interested Democrats with the Convention. Whether you’re attending as a delegate, attending one or more of the caucuses, or just following along from home, turn to the DPSC online for frequent updates in real time.

Delegates will appreciate receiving text alerts that include notice of upcoming votes and a reminder of the DPSC’s endorsed candidates.

Sign Up Now!

Sign up to receive text alerts from the DPSC to your mobile phone at this link. There is no additional cost to you to receive these texts, but your phone’s messaging plan will apply.

Caucuses Are for All Democrats

Remember that caucuses of the convention are open to all registered Democrats who join that caucus. A full list of caucuses can be found at this link. You can prepay your caucus dues online at the link, or pay at the door. Our text alerts will notify you of caucus meetings and remind you of the DPSC’s endorsed candidates.

Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter

The DPSC will also be posting these and other real-time updates to our Facebook and Twitter accounts throughout the convention, so Like us on Facebook and/or Follow Us on Twitter as an alternate way to stay connected with the Sacramento County delegation to the convention. For added visibility, we’ll be using the Twitter hashtag #CaDem13 for our outgoing messages.

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DPSC Welcomes Democrats to Sacramento for Convention

California Crossroads & Connections Reception April 13

The California Democrats Convention returns to Sacramento April 12-14, 2013. The Democratic Party of Sacramento County welcomes our counterparts from around the state!

The DPSC invites you to join us for the California Crossroads and Connections Reception on Saturday night, April 13, 10:30 pm – 12:30 am at the Convention Center, rooms 317/318.

It’ll be an upbeat open door event that can help you and local Democrats connect with others from all over the Golden State. North, south, east, west–there will new folks to meet and old friends to toast. Use this opportunity to network, make fresh contacts, re-forge old ones, find out about the political challenges across our state and how Democrats can meet them. From Sacramento to San Francisco to Fresno to Los Angeles and San Diego, meet people who share your commitment to our Democratic party.

Hosted bar and cocktail snacks, DJ mixing music with occasional special guests on the mike. Come one, come all to the Crossroads and Connections Reception–Saturday night live at the convention with a party for politics.

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DPSC Endorses Candidates and Resolutions for State Convention

Approves Slate of Candidates for Party Offices, Caucus Chairs and Resolutions

In preparation for the convention, the DPSC has voted to endorse several candidates for statewide and regional party officers and caucus chairs, and also to add our names as endorsers to resolutions being considered.

Click here for our endorsed candidates.

Click here for resolutions.

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DPSC Urges Sacramento City Unified School District Board to Vote “No” on Flawed School Closure Plan

Plan is poorly-constructed, authoritarian and lacks transparency

The Democratic Party of Sacramento County (DPSC) has unanimously voted to Oppose the Sacramento City Unified School Districts plan to close 11 elementary schools based on the district’s authoritarian process and lack of transparency.

The DPSC rejects the closed and undemocratic process by which this flawed plan was drafted. We question the accuracy of the data upon which it was reportedly based, in part because the school district did not follow established California State Department of Education processes for selecting schools for closure…citizen, parent, teacher and student input were not gathered prior to making such sweeping decisions.

We believe the plan is poorly-constructed, authoritarian and lacks transparency. The long term solution to a budget savings of less than one percent should not come on the backs of the approximately 3,600 students, their families, staff, and community. This is not a time for backroom deals and unilateral decisions. A critical and permanent decision, like school closures, should be done in a transparent and open process that involves the community and all stakeholders.

The DPSC does not object to school closures as one component of prudent fiscal management; however the process to decide which schools to close must be done with the involvement of the community and stakeholders. Many factors should be accounted for, and disclosed, in a transparent way. The impact on student safety should be evaluated, examining neighborhoods students will now have to travel through and major intersections that they will have to cross to reach more distant schools.

Analysis should be done and made public about the impact of larger student populations at the absorbing school sites, such as capacity to fit the increased number of students in the cafeteria, increased bullying and behavioral issues at larger schools, increased demand on libraries, playgrounds and other school resources with larger student populations, and how additional classrooms would be placed on the campuses.

The DPSC calls upon the peoples’ representatives, the elected School Board members, to vote No to this plan, and instead begin a transparent review of schools, following best practices and with proper community input, to find responsible ways to reduce the School District budget.

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