Welcome to the Democratic Party of Sacramento County!

The Democratic Party of Sacramento County, or SacDems, is the affiliate of the California Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee in Sacramento County.
Our governing body is our Central Committee, which has monthly meetings on second Thursdays at 6PM over Zoom. At our Central Committee meetings, we do the work of endorsing Democratic candidates for public office, approving resolutions on legislation and local matters, and continuing to build the infrastructure of our county party.
The Central Committee elects an Executive Board, which manages the day-to-day affairs of our county party.
Our committees typically hold monthly meetings, and assist in doing the work of electing Democrats to public office and advancing the progressive values of the Democratic Party.
Want to get involved? You can learn how to become a SacDems member or join one of our more than twenty chartered Democratic clubs. You can also check our calendar of events.
Our meetings are open to the public and accessible to persons with disabilities.
You can read our bylaws or our transparency policy.

SacDems Calendar