We Stopped The Republican Recall
Jedi Discussion Series

Amy Wiwuga

Carolyn fowler

Steven Auclair

Sascha Bittner

Tisa Rodriguez

Tracie Stafford

July 13th

October 19th

Every other Tuesday

Exploring DEI
Identity Mapping
Implicit Bias
Beyond Labels
Challenging Ableism
Defining Racism

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Our governing body, the Central Committee, meets once a month on second Thursdays at 6 PM over Zoom.

The Central Committee elects an Executive Board which manages the day-to-day affairs of our county party.

Want to get involved? You can become a SacDems member or join one of our chartered Democratic Clubs.


The Democratic Party of Sacramento County, or SacDems, is the affiliate of the California Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee in Sacramento County, California.
Our meetings are open to the public and accessible to persons with disabilities.
You can read our transparency policy here.

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