Give Local First! DPSC Fundraising Drive Now Underway

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Give Local First!


Program Continues through the end of September!

Recruit recurring donors for the DPSC, and you could win a prize!



To bring more monthly donors into the support of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County.

Small donations from several people not only benefit us financially, but it allows us to get more people involved in the DPSC, and reach out to them for other ways we can support each other.

Most of the money we bring in will cover simple things anyone can relate to! For example:

  • It would only take TWO $5/Month Donors to cover the cost of the telephones for a year! Our phone lines keep us in touch!
  • It would take THREE $5/Month Donors to cover the cost of the postage we use to keep our message out there in a year!
  • 25 $5/Month Donors would cover our insurance costs for the year!
  • 50 $5/Month Donors would cover our printing costs for the year, keeping our event flyers out there to bring us more people!
  • 107 $10/Month Donors would keep our doors open for the year!

Here are the rules:

The competition is to be held from July 1st to August 31st. All donation sign-ups must occur within this time frame to count toward a contestant’s totals.


FIRST PLACE (In Both Categories)
Mulvaney’s Building & Loan Lunch for Two

SECOND PLACE (In Both Categories)
$10 Jamba Juice Gift Card

Prize Category 1: The individual who brings in the largest number of $5 (or greater) monthly donors

Prize Category 2: The individual who brings in the highest total dollar amount of monthly donors

  • Should there be a tie in either category, the winner will be determined by a coin toss at the September meeting. The loser of the coin toss becomes the second place winner.
  • An individual can only win in one category. Should an individual win in both categories, he/she will get one first prize and the other will be given to the Category 2 second place competitor.
  • All montly donations must be made via the official “Give Local” monthly donor cards available in the office or on line and must contain the recruiter’s information to be valid. Download the donor form here.
  • The minimum monthly donation is $5.


There will be two trainings on how to recruit donors, July 13 and July 23 at 6:30 pm at the DPSC office. These trainings will contain a lot of great information about the process and how to go from the “hello” to the “thank you for your donation”.

For more information, please contact DPSC Fundraising Chair Lawson Stuart at