DPSC Endorses AB 2058: Stop Voter Registration Fraud

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Protect the Vote – My Party, My Choice

The Democratic Party of Sacramento County voted July 12 to endorse AB 2058, a bill sponsored by Dr. Richard Pan. The DPSC lent our support to a resolution to the CA Democratic Party, titled “Protect the Vote – My Party, My Choice.” The resolution calls for the party to endorse AB 2058, which prohibits the kinds of cash bounties Momentum Political Services paid to its staff that resulted in Sacramento County residents being registered as Republicans without their consent.  Read full resolution text at this link.

The DPSC, the Central Labor Council, and many other groups have worked together to document the extent of voter registration fraud that was being committed here in Sacramento County. This investigation was instrumental in bringing this story the wide media exposure it deserved in the Sacramento Bee and other local media, like this report on News10.

This resolution will be taken up by the CA Dems E-Board at this weekend’s meeting in Anaheim.