DPSC Begins New Term January 14 with Organizational Meeting

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Officers to Be Elected; New Members Sworn In

In accordance with the bylaws of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County, the DPSC will hold its organizational meeting on Monday, January 14th to swear in our new elected members and to select our Executive Board for the new term. (Our regular monthly meetings return to the 2nd Thursday of the month starting in February.)

Click here for the meeting agenda

Important update: due to a scheduling conflict, our regular meeting space is not available, and so we will convene at 6 pm, Monday, January 14 at theĀ SEIU 1000 Field Office, 1325 S St. in Sacramento.

At this meeting, our newly elected members will be sworn in, and we will conduct an election to select our Executive Board for the coming term. To review the job descriptions for all of the E-Board positions, click here to view the DPSC bylaws.

Dues are due and payable at this meeting. They are:

Elected Members: $50
Associate Members: $20

Contact Kerri Asbury if you need to request a hardship waiver at kasbury@sacdems.org.