Local Endorsements

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DPSC announces its local endorsements for the November 8, 2016 General Election:


City Offices

City of Elk Grove

Mayor – Steve Ly

City Council, District 1 – Darren Suen*

City Council, District 3 – Maureen Craft

City of Rancho Cordova

City Council – Donald Terry*


School Districts

Elk Grove Unified School District

Area 6 – Nancy Chaires Espinoza*

Area 7 – Carmine S. Forcina*

Natomas Unified School District

At-Large – Reichel Everhart

At-Large – Susan Heredia*

Los Rios Community College District

Area 5 – Pamela Haynes*

Area 7 – Valarie Jean Martin


Special Districts

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

Ward 1 – Brandon D. Rose

Cosumnes Community Services District

Director – Orlando Fuentes

Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District

Director – Brandon D. Rose*


Local Ballot Measures

County of Sacramento

Measure B – Vote YES

Invests in fixing roads and streets in need of repair, and funds further expansion of light rail.

City of Sacramento

Measure L – Vote YES

Establishes an independent redistricting commission to take the politics out of redrawing city council districts.

Elk Grove Unified School District

Measure M – Vote YES

Repairs and upgrades older schools, and relieves classroom overcrowding so all children can learn in safe schools.

San Juan Unified School District

Measure P – Vote YES

Repairs and upgrades older schools, and relieves classroom overcrowding so all children can learn in safe schools.

Arden Manor Park and Recreation District

Measure Q – Vote YES

Restores park maintenance and security services to ensure that neighborhood parks maintain a high quality.



The following are California Democratic Party endorsements for federal and state offices in Sacramento County:


Federal Offices

President/Vice President

Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine

U.S. Senate

Kamala Harris

U.S. Representative

District 3 – John Garamendi*

District 6 – Doris Matsui*

District 7 – Ami Bera*

District 9 – Jerry McNerney*


State Offices

State Senate

District 1 – Rob Rowen

District 3 – Bill Dodd

District 5 – Cathleen Galgiani*

State Assembly

District 6 – Brian Caples

District 7 – Kevin McCarty*

District 8 – Ken Cooley*

District 9 – Jim Cooper*

District 11 – Jim Frazier*


Statewide Ballot Measures

State Propositions

Proposition 51 – Vote YES
Repairs and upgrades older schools, and relieves classroom overcrowding so all children can learn in safe schools.

Proposition 52 – Vote YES
Ensures continued access to Medi-Cal healthcare for children, seniors, the disabled, and working families.

Proposition 53 – Vote NO
Stop right-wing millionaire’s attack on the local control and infrastructure repairs your community needs.

Proposition 54 – Vote NO
Don’t give Special Interests the power to block needed and timely legislation on key issues facing California.

Proposition 55 – Vote YES
Maintains tax rates on the wealthiest Californians to prevent $4 billion in cuts to public education.

Proposition 56 – Vote YES
Increases cigarette tax by $2/pack to keep children from smoking, improve healthcare, and save lives.

Proposition 57 – Vote YES
Authorizes parole consideration for nonviolent inmates for good behavior, education and rehab achievement.

Proposition 58 – Vote YES
Helps students learn English as quickly as possible and allows for all students to learn a second language.

Proposition 59 – Vote YES
Asks lawmakers to overturn Citizen’s United and stop the flood of secret corporate money into our elections.

Proposition 60 – Vote NO
This measure gives every person in California the authority to sue adult film performers and other workers, violates their privacy and reduces workplace safety.

Proposition 61 – **
Would change the standards by which state agencies negotiate the prices of, and pay for, prescription drugs.

Proposition 62 – Vote YES
Will replace Califoria’s outdated, costly, and failed death penalty system with life in prison without parole.

Proposition 63 – Vote YES
The “Safety for All Act” will keep our communities safe with common sense laws to curb gun violence.

Proposition 64 – Vote YES
Controls, regulates, and taxes adult use of marijuana, ends criminalization of responsible adult use.

Proposition 65 – **
Revenue from carry-out bags would go into a new state environmental fund instead of the state’s General Fund.

Proposition 66 – Vote NO
Increases risk that California executes an innocent person.

Proposition 67 – Vote YES
Protects our state ban on plastic grocery bags, reducing plastic pollution, protecting wildlife and the ocean.


* Incumbent

**No position