The Democratic Party of Sacramento County (DPSC) is working to improve the lives of everyone who lives and works in Sacramento County. We are on the front lines of “red” California and are working every day to spread the Democratic values of freedom, equal-opportunity and security. Sacramento Democrats believe in the power of shared responsibility for ourselves, our families, our neighbors and our communities.

We invite you to learn more about the DPSC through our website!

  • Dem Party Structure includes a helpful video explaining how the California Democratic Party is organized, how a Democratic Central Committee like the DPSC fits into that structure, and the different roles that are open to you in our organization.
  • Meet the members of our Executive Board.
  • Learn about the Standing Committees of the DPSC.
  • Learn about the many Democratic Clubs chartered by the DPSC.
  • Download a copy of the Bylaws PDF of the DPSC.
  • Please contact us with your questions or comments.