The Democratic Party of Sacramento County boasts a large number of clubs, which represent the diversity of our great county. Some clubs are focused on certain regions, others on particular demographic groups, and others on critical issue areas. We are sure you can find the club that is right for you!

To update your club’s meeting information, please contact:

DPSC Rules Regarding Chartered Clubs

Clubs must maintain open membership to all Democrats regardless of their economic status, ability to pay dues, class, race, color, creed, age, ethnic identity, ethnicity, national origin, language, culture, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, or any other condition or circumstance, except for age restrictions for organizations affiliated with the Young Democrats of America. 

Clubs must never use secret ballots to conduct any vote or election. (As per rules adopted pursuant to the DNC’s McGovern–Fraser Commission report on Party reform, 1971.)

Clubs must allow voted ballots to be inspected by both Club members and the DPSC for a reasonable time after any vote—until at least after the next Club meeting—upon request. 

Clubs must endorse only registered Democrats or candidates running in a Democratic Partisan Primary if they chose to make endorsements in an election.

Clubs must have at least 10 members who are not members of other clubs.

Club Re-Chartering

Clubs will be re-chartered at the July Central Committee meeting. To re-charter your Dem Club, fill out this form by June 10th.

The Executive Board will meet to set the agenda for the Central Committee meeting in July. Any club that does not submit their re-chartering form before the Central Committee meeting on June 10th cannot be placed on the agenda for the July Central Committee meeting, but will instead be placed on the August Central Committee meeting agenda, or at a later meeting.

Chartering a New Democratic Club

An organization seeking to be chartered as a Democratic Club in Sacramento County must submit to the DPSC Secretary, Manuel, a copy of the adopted version of the organization’s bylaws and any other adopted rules (including the date of the meeting at which they were adopted) along with the organization’s roster containing the names, addresses, and contact info of all organization members, which must include at least 10 individuals who are:

1. Not already a member of a Democratic Club; and

2. Are either registered to vote as Democrats in Sacramento County; or

3. If they are not currently eligible to register to vote due to age, citizenship status, or incarceration, who live in Sacramento County and who pledge to register to vote as Democrats as soon as they might become eligible in the future.

The organization’s roster should note who all of the organization’s elected and appointed officers are and when they were elected or appointed.

Also include in the email requesting a charter and submitting the chartering documents mentioned above as much information as possible about when (days and times) and where the organization regularly meets, so that we can add that information to the DPSC Calendar for our members who may want to get involved in the organization.

At its next regularly scheduled meeting, the DPSC Rules Committee will begin reviewing the chartering documents submitted by an organization that has requested a Club charter. This process may take up to 4 months. If an organization’s chartering documents comply with all DPSC rules, their request for a Club charter will then be placed on the agenda of the next regularly scheduled DPSC Central Committee meeting for a vote. 

Approval by the Rules Committee in no way guarantees that an organization will or should be granted a Club charter by the Central Committee. It merely indicates that no provision of the organization’s bylaws conflict with the DPSC’s rules regarding Democratic Clubs and that they have fulfilled all requirements relating to requesting a Club charter. The Executive Board also has the right to make a recommendation to the Central Committee on whether to grant or reject any new Club charter.

The $125 club chartering fee is not due until after the Central Committee approves a Club Charter, and our Controller, Belinda, is your contact for paying your fee. This fee cannot be prorated, and all Clubs must pay the Club Chartering Fee each year after their Club is re-chartered in July.

Newly chartered Clubs do not get a voting Club Representative position on the DPSC Central Committee until the next Central Committee meeting after the meeting at which they are chartered.