Democratic Party Endorsed Candidates for November 6 2018

California has regularly scheduled statewide primary and general elections in even-numbered years during both gubernatorial and presidential election cycles.

Sacramento County and local municipal elections are at the same time as the statewide primary: March 3rd, 2020.

The following candidates are officially endorsed by the Democratic Party of Sacramento County (* indicates incumbent):


Statewide Officers

State Legislative

State Propositions


Local Measures 

  • Measure C: Oppose – Would establish term limits for Folsom City Council
  • Measure D: Support  – Would increase limit on campaign contributions
  • Measure E: Oppose – Would create 0.5 percent increase on sales tax to fund general city purposes in Folsom
  • Measure G: Oppose – Would make the office of the city clerk for the City of Galt appointive
  • Measure H: Support – Would issue $46,200,000 of bonds to Robla Elementary School District
  • Measure J: Support – Would issue $26.9 million of bonds to improve parks and recreation in Fair Oaks —
  • Measure K: Oppose – Sacramento City Government Accountability and Efficiency Act
  • Measure L: Support – Would issue $172,000,000 of bonds to Natomas Unified School Distric

School Boards

Other Local Districts & Boards