Democratic Party Endorsed Candidates for November 6 2018

California has regularly scheduled statewide primary and general elections in even-numbered years during both gubernatorial and presidential election cycles, on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in June and in November. Sacramento County and local municipal elections are also consolidated with these elections.

The following candidates are officially endorsed by the Democratic Party of Sacramento County (* indicates incumbent):


Statewide Officers

State Legislative

State Propositions


Local Measures 

  • Measure C — Would establish term limits for Folsom City Council — Oppose
  • Measure D — Would increase limit on campaign contributions — Support
  • Measure E — Would create 0.5 percent increase on sales tax to fund general city purposes in Folsom — Oppose
  • Measure G — Would make the office of the city clerk for the City of Galt appointive — Oppose
  • Measure H — Would issue $46,200,000 of bonds to Robla Elementary School District — Support
  • Measure J — Would issue $26.9 million of bonds to improve parks and recreation in Fair Oaks — Support
  • Measure K — Sacramento City Government Accountability and Efficiency Act — Oppose
  • Measure L — Would issue $172,000,000 of bonds to Natomas Unified School District — Support

School Boards

Other Local Districts & Boards

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