General Membership Meeting Documents

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2019 Meeting Documents

2019 October (10/10/19)

2019 September Minutes

Voting Items: 

Endorsement Vote

  • Endorsement Panel Reports
  • Consent Calendar
    • Sacramento City Council, District 4
      • E-Board/Panel recommendation: Endorse Katie Valenzuela
    • Sacramento City Council, District 8
      • Panel recommendation: Adopt a “neutral” position
      • E-Board recommendation: No recommendation – open ballot 
    • Sacramento County Board of Education, Area 7
      • E-Board/Panel recommendation: Endorse Harold Fong
    • Twin Rivers Unified School District, Area 1
      • E-Board/Panel recommendation: Endorse Michael Baker
    • Twin Rivers Unified School District, Area 5
      • E-Board/Panel recommendation: Endorse Basim Elkarra
  • Questionnaires


Non-Voting Informational Items: 

2019 September (09/12/19)

2019 August Minutes

Voting Items: 

Standing Rule

2019 August (08/07/19)

2019 July Minutes

Voting Items: 


Bylaws Amendments/Standing Rules Amendments

Endorsement Vote

2019 July (07/11/19)

2019 June Minutes

Voting Items


Non-Voting Informational Item(s)
  • Rules Committee Report 2019-7
  • Proposed bylaws amendments:
    • Part 1 (Miscellaneous provisions)
    • Part 2 (Revision of endorsement process)
  • NOTICE: Open seat for delegate to California Democratic Party.
    • There is a vacancy for a position of delegate to the California Democratic Party for a self-identified female. 
    • To be eligible, you must be a registered Democrat in Sacramento County and a DPSC member. 
    • If you are interested in applying, please contact Terry Schanz at 

2019 June (06/13/19)

2019 May Minutes

Voting Item(s)
Non-Voting Informational Item(s)

NOTICE: There is a vacancy in the position of Elected Member from Supervisor District 4.  The vacancy will be formally announced at this meeting and the Central Committee will fill the vacancy at the next meeting on July 11, 2019. 

2019 May (05/07/19)

2019 April Minutes

Voting Item(s)


2019 April (04/11/19)

2019 March Minutes

Voting Item(s)

2019 March (03/ 14/19)

2019 February Minutes

Voting Item(s)
  • Resolution 2019-06: Commending the Elk Grove Unified School District for Supporting LGBTQ Students & Staff
  • Resolution 2019-07: Denouncing the District Attorney’s Refusal to Seek Justice for Stephon Clark, and Calling for Reform of Officer Use of Force.
Non-Voting Informational Item(s)

2019 February (02/14/19)

2019 January Minutes

Voting Item(s)

Proposed Bylaws Amendments


2019 January (01/10/19)

2018 November Minutes 

This month, we will be holding our biannual organizational meeting, meaning we will be holding officer elections at this time. 

Only persons resident in Sacramento County from the Central Committee classes detailed on page 8 of our bylaws are eligible to be nominated as officers.

2018 Meeting Documents

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